Fog Light Bezels – 3D printed replacements

Local Sambar enthusiast Kevin James of Oh Kei Garage reached out to me a few weeks ago about a small project. He scored a set of fog lights for his Sambar truck but with broken bezels. He found a design on Thingiverse for 3D-printed replacements and contacted me about printing a set. The design was already about 99% of the way there, but I made some changes to make it much easier to print and get a nicer-looking result. They turned out perfect on the first try.

The STLs of the modified design can be downloaded here. This is a very easily 3D-printable design that can be printed by anyone who has even the most basic 3D printer that you can buy on the market today, and prints perfectly in PLA material which very easy to work with. For long-term durability, especially if you are in a very hot climate, PETG may be a better choice, but the print settings can be a tougher nut to crack. Fortunately, this part is very easy to replace if you decide you want to try different materials.

Check out the Oh Kei Garage Youtube channel for all kinds of Sambar maintenance and upgrade content. You can see the bezels I printed for him in this video at about the 10 minute mark.